Banking & Securities Experts

THE TOUGHEST CASES in banking and securities call for experts with top credentials, in-depth experience, and testing under fire at arbitrations, depositions and trials.

RUBIN/ANDERS ANSWERS THE CALL with expert candidates who are hand selected by our staff of attorneys and Ph.D’s to match the exact needs of your case, no matter how demanding.

WE HAVE RECENTLY PROVIDED EXPERTS to firms engaged in D&O matters with the FDIC, shareholders derivative suits, international mutual fund litigation, CDO valuations, and RMBS cases, to name but a few examples.

WHAT’S MORE, every expert candidate has available to them our EXCLUSIVE R/A EXPERT SUPPORT TEAM, headed by Mark Pelofsky and Brenda Arnott-Wesson. Their unsurpassed skills and wealth of experience keep the work focused, on-time, and cost-efficient.

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