The World’s Top Damages Experts, Precisely Matched To Your Needs

Whether for trial, arbitration, or settlement, a thorough assessment of damages is fundamental to protecting the interests of your client

Damages experts from Rubin/Anders are precisely matched to your case, many with decades of experience providing testimony in myriad cases requiring assessment of economic damages or losses, such as:

  • Patent damages
  • Trademark/trade dress infringement
  • Copyright infringment
  • False/misleading advertising
  • Banking, Investor, and Securities Fraud
  • Antitrust
  • Trade secret litigation
  • Medical, Automotive, and Consumer Products Liability
  • Breach of contract
  • Rico violations

Determining damages often requires marshalling and analyzing mountains of data, no matter what stage of litigation you are involved in: discovery, mediation, or trial. Rubin/Anders hand-selects experts who have the experience, analytic tools, and sound methodological know-how to prepare meticulous reports that judges and juries can rely on for fair judgments. They know the standards for admissible expert witness testimony, carefully document their data, and are prepared to provide clear presentation of assumptions and explanation of analytical methods.

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