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Rubin/Anders Economics has gathered a talented pool of experts in economics, finance and accounting in order to assist law firms, corporations and regulatory agencies in every aspect of rule-making and litigation that requires economic expertise.

Our highly trained staff has employed proprietary methods to develop a database of economics and finance experts able to respond to your needs. This enables us to ensure that the expert we recommend is the person best suited to your requirements.

Class Action Economics

Employment: Suits brought by employees alleging that employers have deprived them of income by various means (for example, refusal to pay overtime or to compensate workers for time spent preparing for a task, failure to provide legally required break periods or deliberate misclassification of employees).

Environmental: Suits may pit industry against the interests of a group of property owners contending that contamination has reduced the value of their property. Our experts have prepared multiple regression analyses on real estate data in support of such claims.

Securities Fraud: Holders of publicly traded stock may allege securities fraud, requiring a calculation of the degree to which misleading information has distorted the price of their stock.

Discrimination: Age, sex or racial discrimination suits often require a statistical analysis of hiring and firing practices or a statistical analysis of other records to prove injury to a particular group.

Defective Products: Loss of life or injury due to product defects occupy a significant portion of class action suits. Our experts are trained to determine a fair value for losses sustained as a result of a manufacturer’s negligence.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device Injuries: Drug pricing, the cost of unanticipated harmful side effects, the economic incentives drug and device approval hold for manufacturers and many other factors require scrutiny by trained economic analyists in preparing class action suits in this area.

The common denominator in all these cases is the need to produce a model that quantifies the damages through event studies, loss valuation, and statistical analysis. Rubin/Anders consultants have provided these services thousands of times to satisfied clients. When you need someone with a distinguished background in economics or finance, who can explain complex details in a compelling and persuasive way in support of a class action, turn to Rubin/Anders Economics.

Auctions (live and online)

Litigation surrounding auctions includes tangible items auctioned in traditional auction venues, goods sold through the virtual world of online auctions and economic issues revolving around the trading of stocks via auctions. In all these areas, Rubin/Anders Economics experts have experience and unmatched authority to provide consulting and expert witness services.

Rubin/Anders Economics appraisal and auction specialists frequently provide expert testimony in cases involving divorce disputes over property value, tax cases and cases involving financial institutions and accounting firms. Clients have used our experts to assess appraisals presented by opposing parties – both to corroborate, as well as to dispute their conclusions.

A great deal of litigation has been occasioned by the 2008 collapse of auction-rate securities, a market that had been marketed by major financial institutions as alternatives to money market funds. Because many investors have not and probably will not be made whole by the settlements being negotiated with various institutions, this is expected to remain an active area for litigation and one where Rubin/Anders Economics has considerable talent available to support these legal efforts.

In many cases, historical data is needed to make assessments of a valuation for an earlier date or evaluation that is influenced by historical factors (for example, how the history of flooding may affect the value of a property).

In short, when your client has been financially harmed by an auction, Rubin/Anders Economics can supply the talent needed to bolster the case.

Financial Instruments

If you are seeking expert help for litigation concerning financial instruments, Rubin/Anders Economics can help. Our experts have testified and provided consulting services on many issues tuching financial instruments, including:

  • Banking matters (operations and regulation, industry standards, sub-prime lending, predatory lending, SEC reviews, financial statement auditing, mortgage underwriting and fiduciary responsibility exercised by bank officers, mortgage brokers and institutional lenders)
  • Securities (SEC filings and investigations)
  • Bond markets (asset valuation)
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Futures contracts
  • Derivatives instruments (options or swaps, exchange-traded or over-the-counter)
  • Currency futures (foreign exchange options, outright forwards, foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps)

In the world of finance, Rubin/Anders Economics experts are recognized authorities. Let us put their expertise to work for you.

Labor Economics

Rubin/Anders Economics draws on an extensive talent pool of expert witnesses, primarily comprised of renowned economists. Their specialties cover the many, diverse areas associated with labor economics, including:

  • Compensation (executive compensation, overtime exemption, commission plans, management bonuses and stock option disputes, wage discrimination)
  • Employment (human resource experts, gender/race/age discrimination issues, wrongful termination, employability analysis, Fair Labor Standards, diminished earning capacity, Workers’ Compensation, retirement, pensions, vocational rehabilitation)
  • Workplace safety issues
  • International Business
  • Labor Market Regulations
  • Labor-Management Relations


The successful outcome of many legal cases hinges on the accuracy and dependability of accounting information. That’s why Rubin/Anders Economics provides certified public accountants, forensic accounting specialists and other highly qualified economic experts in support of many varied types of litigation.

Our accounting expert witnesses have the training, experience and acumen to analyse, summarize and present voluminous financial data. They have participated in cases covering a broad range of litigation issues: business valuation, lost profits, taxation, accounting malpractice, performance measurement, pension accounting, preparation and auditing of financial statements, embezzlement, hidden assest, unreported income and family law (financial planning for divorce,estates and trusts).

When your case involves complex accounting data, Rubin/Anders Economics has the right expert for you.

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