Rubin/Anders Expert Support is led by two highly skilled and seasoned consultants:


Mark Pelofsky

Mark has worked as a management consultant since graduating from Harvard Business School more than 20 years ago.  He has worked in litigation support and expert witness testimony for over half of that time.  His expertise and experience include marketing, competition, innovation, intellectual property, service industries, and finance.  Mark worked in Washington as the lead in the “Reinventing Government” for the US Department of Labor.  He has an undergraduate degree from Harvard, cum laude, in Psychology.


Brenda Arnott-Wesson

Brenda Arnott-Wesson has been involved in the expert witness consulting industry for nearly ten years.  During that time she has helped experts in a broad range of cases to develop thoroughly researched yet accessible expert reports and to prepare for deposition and trial testimony.  She has also worked closely with counsel and experts to develop case strategy, including the approach to deposing and cross-examining opposing experts.  Brenda has experience with many types of cases, including those involving branding, business strategy, marketing communication, unfair trade practices, anti-trust, retailing and financial disclosure. Brenda has undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Education from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and a Masters of Education from Harvard University.

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