Who is Rubin/Anders, and what do you do?

Rubin/Anders was founded when a Nobel Laureate introduced two technology leaders, one, a Harvard Ph.D. teaching at MIT, and the other, a Harvard-trained attorney specializing in innovation and new technology. Together, they created Rubin/Anders, staffed it with attorneys and Ph.D.’s, and trained them in the art of identifying world-class expert witnesses.

What we do is give you your perfect expert witness, no matter what type of case you are handling or what kind of expert assistance you need. For 10 years, we have handpicked expert consultant and expert witness candidates for the top law firms across the country. Each of our candidates is selected for their knowledge, credentials and uncommon ability to communicate clearly.

Why should I use Rubin/Anders instead of just looking for an expert by myself?

Choosing the right expert can mean the difference between success and failure for your case. For that reason, identifying, contacting and matching the right expert to your case can take extensive time, effort and resources. At Rubin/Anders, ten years of experience has provided us with an unparalleled network of national and international contacts in countless fields and professions. With a staff of attorneys and Ph.D.s who are experienced, resourceful and committed to finding your perfect expert, Rubin/Anders is simply the most powerful ally you can have.

How does the process work, and what does it cost?

Our process of locating experts begins with finding out from you who will be the perfect witness for your case. Will it be someone with certain academic credentials, or industry experience? Someone from a particular geographic area? Someone with deposition or litigation experience? Whatever you tell us about your requirements, preferences, time frame or other criteria, our staff of Ph.D.’s and attorneys will immediately begin your expert witness search. There is no cost or obligation to you for any expert witness search we undertake.

As we identify expert witness candidates, we will provide you with their bios and CVs, and arrange interviews with any candidate. Should we present you with a candidate you do not already have under consideration, and you wish to hire them, then our fee is incorporated with our quoted hourly rate for the expert. It’s that simple.

Are the only experts available through Rubin/Anders listed on your website?

Not at all! The experts we highlight on our website are those with exclusive availability through Rubin/Anders. The expert candidates we submit for your cases depend entirely on your needs and specifications; your candidates may be from any industry, profession or field of study, and they will have the degree of experience, level of credentials, and history of depositions or testimony that you need.

What happens if Rubin/Anders submits an expert candidate that I have already contacted?

If you have already been in contact with an expert, and we later submit that same expert to you as a candidate, then you certainly may proceed directly with that expert on your own behalf. If you would like us to continue submitting additional candidates, then of course we will. Our goal is to be your first call when you need any expert, and we want that relationship with you to go far beyond a single case.

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