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Do you need a world-class scientific or technology specialist or expert witness with the rare ability to analyze and explain cutting-edge technology? Rubin/Anders Scientific is dedicated to providing you with the expert you need. Rubin/Anders Scientific’s founding team includes a Nobel Laureate, a PhD in Physics and a Harvard-trained attorney.

We are deeply connected to the science, medicine and technology communities in Boston and throughout the country, and our unique combination of scientific, technical and legal skills enables us to present you with the perfect expert witness or consultant.

Our Expert Witness Specialties

Rubin/Anders has successfully provided litigation support and consultation from experts in the following areas:

  • Biology Expert Witnesses
  • Biotech Expert Witnesses
  • Chemistry & Chemical Expert Witnesses
  • Computer & Technology Expert Witnesses
  • Energy Expert Witnesses
  • Engineering Expert Witnesses
  • Environmental Expert Witnesses
  • Geology Expert Witnesses
  • Material Sciences Expert Witnesses
  • Medical Expert Witnesses
  • Physics Expert Witnesses
  • Pharmaceutical Expert Witnesses

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