Precision Matters

Scientific and Technical Legal Experts
selected by Scientists and Lawyers

When you need the best expert, Rubin Anders can help. Our team of Ph.D. scientists and attorneys is uniquely qualified to pinpoint exceptional expert candidates. Whether it be a witness for a high-stakes legal matter or a consultant for a specialized business challenge, we have decades of experience working with top law firms and corporations to provide outstanding technical experts for thousands of legal and business matters.
We look forward to working with you; our consultations and thorough searches are always free.
success matters

service matters

A true search firm, we identify the perfect experts for cases, not cases for experts. All our quality matches are facilitated through case close.

success matters

science matters

Our research team of Ph.D. scientists and lawyers have distinct technical expertise to understand your needs and find the best expert for your case or consultation.

Time Matters

time matters

We are available 24/7, work tirelessly to meet your urgent schedule and save you time by only presenting experts that precisely match your needs.


Vaccine development expert
for breach of contract suit

Attorneys at an AM Law 100 firm defending a multinational biotech company against a lawsuit alleging breach of contract, negligence, and unjust enrichment needed an expert in vaccine development to make their case.


Physical sciences expert
for false advertising case

Attorneys at an AmLaw 100 firm defending a skincare company against a false advertising claim suit brought by another company specializing in light – based skin products needed a heat transfer expert to help prepare a rebuttal report.


Hydraulic fracturing experts
for breach of contract suit

Plaintiff attorneys for a manager of direct energy investments were facing a breach of contract suit against a pressure pumping company with which the client held a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) contract.

Clients appreciate our rigorous approach to identifying the right expert.

Search. Our Ph.D. and J.D. researchers leverage our global network of scientists to reach the expert that best fits your needs.
Screen. We evaluate experts across several criteria to ensure they have both the credentials and the qualities for success.

“All the experts you submitted had excellent experience, which specifically matched my criteria. I used to call on two other search firms as well, now I only call on Rubin Anders.”


IP Attorney, AmLaw 100 Firm

“If I need to find an expert on some obscure technology within 24 hours, I know you folks can pull it off — and you’ll probably find the originator of the technology.”


Patent Litigator, AmLaw 100 Firm

“I have always enjoyed working with you guys. You have continuously found experts for me with backgrounds that were spot on for my cases, and my colleague has had the same experience.”


IP Litigator, Award Winning Texas Business Firm

“The candidates you have sent on these cases are terrific. You make my job so much easier.”


Top AmLaw 100 Firm Attorney