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Litigation Experts

Expert banking and securities witnesses with top credentials to engage in D&O matters, shareholder derivative suits, mutual fund litigation, and CDO valuations

Patent Expert Witnesses

World-class scientific and technology expert witnesses with the ability to analyze and explain cutting-edge technology

Toxicology Expert Witnesses

Expert witnesses specializing in risk science, regulatory toxicology and environmental health

We are not limited in just these areas, and have experts from every specialty to meet your needs

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Seasoned Researchers


Our research team, comprised of skilled PhD and JD researchers is assembled to find the best expert for your case in a timely manner


Expert Witnesses


Proven experts in every field, sourced by our teamed of experts to ensure your expert witness meets the needs of your case or project


of the top law firms work with Rubin/Anders

For 15 years, Rubin/Anders has been trusted by the top law firms, corporations, and regulatory agencies to assist in every aspect of rule-making and litigation

A team of experts finding experts

At Rubin/Anders, we quickly identify leading scientists and economists for legal clients through the efforts of our team of PhD scientists, lawyers, and business specialists. Involvement in each case does not end when we have identified the best expert witness able to provide the needed testimony or consulting services, as we maintain continual contact with our clients, ensuring that the process is working to your satisfaction. Each conflict-free expert witness search is performed at no cost, by a dedicated search representative.


Why choose Rubin/Anders for your expert witness search?

Rubin/Anders has developed a talented pool of experts in science, technology, economics, and finance in order to assist in every aspect of rule-making and litigation that requires unassailable expertise.

We understand your needs, which is why our experts:

  • Possess impeccable academic and business credentials
  • Have demonstrated experience that has proven invaluable to organizations just like yours
  • Adhere to the highest ethical standards and practices
  • Employ the skills critical to ensuring the success of your case

Rubin/Anders has worked with many top firms including

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