Arthur Brody: Telecommunications, Networking, and Multimedia

Expert witness and consultant

Dr. Brody has over 35 years of experience as a consultant and industry practitioner in networking, telecommunications, computer systems, and multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards such as MPEG.

He combines his product problem-solving and analytical skills honed as a physicist, with his engineering skills learned at Bell Laboratories, and his business management skills developed at commercial enterprises and as an industry analyst.

His responsibilities have included telephony and network engineering, business and product management, intellectual property management, expert witness testimony, and product definition and development. Dr. Brody has worked throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, successfully managing cultural differences with respect to business practices, management styles, and relationship building.

Areas of expertise:

Broadband Communications
Business and Operations Support Systems
Call Center Technologies and Operations
Digital Switching
Location-Based Services
Network Management
Video, Audio, and Multimedia Technologies
Virtualization and Thin Client Technologies
VoIP and Service-over-IP Technologies
Wireless Technologies

Specialized training:

US Patent Law in Technology
Global Positioning Electronics
Systems and Components
Six Sigma Semiconductor Manufacturing
HALT and HAST Reliability Testing Methods
Nuclear Engineering for Medical and Industrial Applications
Semiconductor Plasma Processing
Thin Film Physics and Technology
Thermoelectric Materials & Technology
Phased Array Radar Engineering
Antennas and Electromagnetic Propagation
Solid State Optical Devices

Specific technologies:

AAC, ATM/xDSL products, DSLAM, IP, IP multimedia subsystem, Intellectual Property Licensing, International Telecommunication Union, OSS, SIP, SONET, TCP, broadband communication, broadband integrated services digital network, broadband network, broadband service offerings and support systems, business process and workflow engineering, call center service offerings and support systems, call center software, call routing technology, cellular telecommunications, circuit switching, commercial value and “patentability”, communication network, communications technology, computer networks, computer software, customer care and billing systems, data communications, data transmission, digital communication systems, digital subscriber line (DSL) test equipment, digital switching, digital telecommunications, distributed networks, integrating networks, intellectual property and contract matters, intellectual property evaluation and licensing, intellectual property management, international telecommunications, international telecommunications transmission equipment, internet, internet service providers, internet standards, licensing pool, local area networks, market and competitive analysis, market forecasting, mobile satellite communications, mobile telecommunications, multimedia (MPEG) service offerings and support systems, multimedia messaging service, multimedia technologies, network management, network management systems, network performance, networks, operations support system, packet switching, packet-based service offerings and support systems, PBX, prior art search, product definition and development, product development and management, product planning, product requirements and specifications, proposal and bid response generation, sales and marketing support, sales forecasting, satellite communication, short message service, simple network management protocol, statistical data analysis, systems engineering, technology commercialization and licensing, telecommunications links, telecommunications regulation, telecommunications software, telecommunications standards, telecommunications & wireless product marketing, telecommunications call center technology, telecommunications management, telecommunications outside plant engineering, telecommunications strategic planning, telecommunications system design, telecommunications system maintenance, telecommunications systems engineering and management, telecommunications-related management training, time division multiple access, transit traffic networking between carriers, transmission control protocol/internet protocol, video conferencing, video-on-demand system, voice communications, voice over internet protocol, voice service offerings and support systems, VOIP and related technologies, wide-area networks, wireless communication, wireless service offerings and support systems, and wireless technologies.