Industry Standards Expert
for Telecom Antitrust

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Electronic power steering expert
for consumer class action

Attorneys representing consumers in a class action against a car manufacturer needed an expert in electronic power steering systems (EPS) to prove their case. The case accused the defendant of concealing EPS defects in over 1 million cars and leaving the owners of the vehicles in danger of risk and injury.


Forensic accounting expert
for farming economic losses

Attorneys representing a group of chicken breeders in their case against an animal health company needed an expert in forensic accounting to validate the financial losses.

oil industry expert


Oil industry engineering expert
for antitrust case

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs, a precision machining company, in their case against an industry competitor needed an expert in mechanical engineering from the oil industry to bolster their case.



Nutritional supplement efficacy
expert for class action

An attorney needed an expert to investigate whether a key ingredient in a nutritional supplement lived up to the claims on the product label.

Mold expert for environmental class action


Mold expert for
environmental class action

Attorneys representing consumers in a class action lawsuit against a manufacturer of children’s products and a retailer that sold them needed a mold expert to make their case.


Hydraulic fracturing experts
for breach of contract suit

Plaintiff attorneys for a manager of direct energy investments were facing a breach of contract suit against a pressure pumping company with which the client held a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) contract.


Physical sciences expert
for false advertising case

Attorneys at an AmLaw 100 firm defending a skincare company against a false advertising claim suit brought by another company specializing in light – based skin products needed a heat transfer expert to help prepare a rebuttal report.


Fingerprint expert
for Inter Partes Review

Attorneys representing a bioengineering company in an IPR filing against a large chemical company’s patent on anti-fingerprint coatings needed an expert with a background in chemistry and experience in the analysis of the components of fingerprints.


Products recall management
for class action

Attorneys representing consumers in a class action lawsuit against a heating, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturer needed an expert in consumer products recall management.


Supply chain accountability
for fraud class action

Attorneys representing customers of several well-known retailers in a class action suit claiming that the retailers and product manufacturer violated the Textile Fiber Identification Act needed an expert in supply chain management.

Art fraud expert for art authentication


Art fraud expert
for art authentication

Attorneys at a top law firm needed an expert in art fraud and art authentication to consult in a lawsuit regarding the possible forgery of a selection of paintings in a private collection of works of an artist of note.



Vehicle data recorder expert
for product liability

Pursuing a class action against the manufacturer of a popular SUV for an alleged defect that resulted in the loss of steering, a client requested an expert who is able to read and analyze data from the “black box.”