COVID-19 News

For guidance and updates on COVID-19 please visit the CDC website here.

Below are some coronavirus articles or studies we found to be particularly noteworthy.
To help policy makers, business leaders and the public understand COVID-19 trends, Charlie Frye, Chief Cartographer at Esri, analyzes the week to week changes in active cases. This arrow map builds on a simple question most people want to know: are things getting better, or worse, in my area? And for how long has it been going this way? The maps show John Hopkins COVID-19 data through August 1, 2021.Charlie Frye and Jim Herries, Esri
August 2021
Esri’s disaster response team has compiled a wealth of U.S and international COVID-19 data resources, applications and dashboards that immediately aid better understanding and decision-making around COVID-19 in your community or organization.Esri’s Disaster Response Program
August 2021
How does your state fare in terms of dispensing the vaccines? This site displays the CDC data in a graphical format. You will see how many doses have been administered; how many people have received a partial dose or a full dose; how many doses have been distributed and what share have been used, etc. It is worth a look, and let’s hope the raw numbers improve quickly.
Our World in Data
April 2021
This linked long-form article takes us through the reported symptoms related to long-haul Covid-19, and ties in some of the underlying scientific data. With the current wave of infections, we might expect to hear more reports of long-term suffering in the coming year.
Lois Parshley, a freelance investigative journalist, via VOX.
January 2021
As part of the firm’s in-depth series on “Bioethics in a Pandemic,” Mintz Levin lawyers Bridgette Keller and Benjamin Zegarelli explore some of the ethical questions in allocating and distributing a potential COVID-19 vaccine and the basic tenets of bioethics. This article delves into the ethical issues relating to the vaccine development process, including clinical trials.
Bridgette Keller and Benjamin Zegarelli of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
September 2020
Team of interdisciplinary researchers from Georgia Tech, Stanford University, and the Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory
September 29, 2020
Article by Joshua S. Weitz, Mallory Harris, Aroon T. Chande, J. Walker Gussler, Lavanya Rishishwar, I. King Jordan, Scientific American
This map displays COVID risk levels for each county in the United States. Hover to see detailed information on cases and death counts.
Harvard Global Health Institute
September 2020
Scientific American
March 20, 2020
Jane Qiu, Nature magazine
An animated explanation of how pandemics can be stopped by social distancing.
The Washington Post
March 11, 2020
Harry Stevens