EPA emissions

regulations expert

The need

Attorneys representing a heavy equipment rental company in its suit against a heavy equipment manufacturer urgently needed an expert on EPA emissions regulations to make their case. The suit alleged that the defendant sold the plaintiff several pieces of equipment with engines that did not comply with Federal Clean Air Act emissions standards and were therefore illegal to sell or rent in the United States. Therefore, the ideal expert would have to be able to opine on EPA emissions regulations for heavy equipment.

Our approach

With the details of the case and the urgent need in mind, we quickly went to work to find the best expert to meet our client’s needs.

The expert

We found an expert in diesel emissions with over 50 years of experience in the diesel engines industry. With degrees in mechanical engineering from a top engineering school, he had designed several diesel engines including diesel-electric hybrids. After leaving the diesel engines industry, he remained active serving on Boards of Directors for many industry groups, consulting and filling technical advisory roles on several important initiatives to improve fuel economy and reviewing fuel economy standards in heavy machinery. He had received awards for the many innovations his work created. Finally, his consulting work made him experienced serving as an expert in different types of lawsuits.