Manufacturing and Engineering Experts

for specialized technical situations.

The best experts can be orders of magnitude more valuable than lesser experts. And when the stakes are high, locating that perfect expert requires its own expertise. If you are facing a high-stakes litigation or critical corporate project, and you need engineering or manufacturing expertise, you should call Rubin Anders, the team that is expert at experts.

Our engineering and manufacturing experts can help you engineer the perfect argument for your case, or design the perfect product or process for your business. Our research department, full of Ph.D. scientists, lawyers, engineers and business people, is like a high-level think tank of researchers who understand your needs down to the prototypes and design documents and locate the perfect experts to help.  We have placed hundreds of experts – many masters of their field with decades of experience in industry and academia and with a multitude of patents.  Some of our experts have created entire disciplines. Whether you are embroiled in a lawsuit, researching a technology, designing a product, testing a product, scaling up, improving a manufacturing process, or conducting failure analyses on an existing product we’ve been there. Our experts have worked on a broad range of successful innovations and advised or testified in hundreds of court cases and at the ITC.  Our experts also have taught at the best universities, been honored by key professional societies such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and held leadership roles in standards committees like the IEEE Standards Association.

Expertise for Every Situation

Whatever the situation, we know how to pinpoint the precise candidates with the qualifications and in-depth technical knowledge your need requires.

For example, if your enterprise is developing a project that utilizes advanced robotics, we can provide a mechanical engineering expert with a specialty in automation. If you are involved in a civil case related to a product failure arising from manufacturing, we can present you with engineering expert witnesses in hundreds of narrow disciplines who have prior deposition and testimony experience who can testify on your behalf and explain your case in terms a jury will understand. And we’ve assisted consumer goods companies on numerous projects that require  manufacturing experts with the skills to guide them through process improvements and provide advice to help them bring the best products to market.

Our comprehensive network of engineers and process specialists includes:

Some of our expert placements in this area include:

Everything We Can Do for You

At Rubin Anders, our expert search services are supported by our own comprehensive lineup of in-house authorities across numerous fields. Our research team – many of whom are Ph.D. scientists, engineers, and lawyers – will work with you to narrow down your needs quickly and precisely, and then efficiently present these needle-in-a-haystack experts to you. We pay attention to what you tell us, and what we discover as we talk with you about your needs. Criteria we have used include:

  • Academic background and certifications
  • Industry experience and professional background
  • Location and travel limitations
  • Experience in legal proceedings, including prior testimony experience
  • Qualifications of the opposition witnesses
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Fees

Not only will we perform the search for you, but we will also host the interviews, at no cost you.  We also and handle all contract negotiations and billing throughout the duration of your contract. We will be there for you every step of the way should any complications or issues arise, so you can focus on your work. To learn more about our capabilities, get in touch with us today.