Medical Device Expert Witnesses
and Consultants

The medical device industry is nearly $200 billion in the United States alone. Medical device innovations have led to innumerable improvements in quality of life for millions of people. But bringing new products to market can be expensive and missteps can be costly. In an industry so big and innovative, it’s no surprise that medical device patent litigation is contentious, expensive and on the rise. And whether asserting or defending a medical device patent, nothing is more important than retaining the best medical device expert for your case. Whether you’re a law firm representing a client in litigation or a company engaged in designing, testing, or bringing a complicated project to market, having someone on your side to help you understand and navigate the many intricacies of the medical device marketplace is critical.

That’s why contacting Rubin Anders should be your first step. Our team of Ph.D. researchers has a proven track record in numerous key litigations of locating extraordinary experts with pinpoint expertise. Whether it’s preparing for a pre-IDE meeting or clarifying the labelled claims in a patent suit, our team has the in-depth technical understanding and extensive network to locate an expert to suit your requirements. Choosing us as your search firm means you will have access to our team’s in-depth knowledge of scientific methodologies and our extensive contacts in clinical research and academia.

We place medical device experts to fill a wide variety of urgent situations. Our experts can help in every stage of the medical device lifecycle, from medical device product design all the way to high-stakes medical device patent litigation, and everything in-between. Areas covered by our team of available experts include:

  • Medical Device Patent & Patent Infringement Cases
  • Defective Medical Device & Product Liability Claims
  • Medical Device Research & Development
  • Medical Device Reimbursement, including insurance and CMS Coverage Determinations, obtaining procedure codes, working with DRGs and APCs and other areas of the reimbursement landscape
  • Medical Device Regulations
  • Heath Technology Applications
  • Medical Device Economics, including medical device insurance and Medicare reimbursement

Expertise for Every Eventuality

We can be your go-to resource for locating a medical device expert witness or consultant to meet a wide range of needs. Examples include connecting you with an infusion medicine expert to provide patent infringement testimony on the stand as well as someone to help you evaluate if an innovative treatment method or device is worth an investment. These areas of study are wide-ranging and branch out into numerous sub-specialties. Finding the person to meet your specifications can be a tremendous challenge without the right partner. To view our medical device expert case studies, click here. To view our page on our broader medical experts click here.

Representative areas of specialty for our medical device experts include:

Cardiovascular Medical Devices: Cardiac medical devices are one of the most in-demand categories of medical devices, second only to in-vitro diagnostic devices. Used to diagnose and treat heart diseases and related cardiovascular problems, these devices range from small, implantable devices to large external machines. We can provide cardiac medical experts and technicians in all areas related to these technologies, monitoring of and correction for heart for arrhythmias or irregular beats, heart pumping action or manufactured valves or organs, stents to increase blood flow, and medical technology to reshape the chambers of the heart. Cardiovascular medical device experts span a wide range of highly technical and sought-after expertise to help control or monitor heartbeats in patients with certain heart disorders or at risk of heart failure.

In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) including Molecular Diagnostics: In the future diagnostics will enable detection of diseases nearly at their inception, and ultra-personal treatments for them. Diagnostics will be incredibly sensitive and specific, and barely invasive. As this vision becomes realized, we can help. Our medical laboratory experts can advise on equipment that analyzes blood, urine, tissue samples, cell (including single cell) and other biological samples for proteins, genes, gene expression, chemicals, and other properties. We have familiarity with a wide variety of technologies including gene sequencing using PCR, RNA Seq, and other modalities, FACS, spectroscopy, and other existing and developing technologies. We have experts who have experience in sample preparation, biomarker determination, biomarker specification algorithms, laboratory workflow, CLIA, clinical labs and reference labs.

Orthopedic Medical Devices: We can provide a wide range of orthopedic medical device experts to advise on devices ranging from prostheses, artificial limbs, braces, and orthotists, to expandable artificial intervertebral implants and biologic bone substitutes with regenerative potential to address orthopedic conditions. Our orthopedic experts can advise, opine and consult on the manufacturing, application, suspension systems and safety concerns with these devices, as well as provide expert insight and data for issues such patents and intellectual property (IP) portfolios, regulatory impact, biocompatibility, and scalability.

Minimally Invasive & Robot-Assisted Surgery: Modern surgery bears less and less resemblance to the classic movie version of an operating room. Robot-assisted surgeries, multiport laparoscopic procedures and percutaneous and other minimally invasive surgical procedures and device delivery methods are revolutionizing this ancient art. We have surgical device design experts as well as practicing surgeons who have a thorough understanding of modern surgical techniques and devices. Whether you are seeking an expert who understands the state-of-the-art (and the state of the prior-art) in surgical devices for a patent suit, or a clinician who understands the standard-of-care for a liability issue, our experts include medical device engineers, anesthesiologists, radiologists, operating theater prep nurses, surgical instrument technicians, and many others.

Diagnostic Imaging: The emerging world of diagnostics will include ever more diagnostic imaging, enabled by ever more precise imaging agents, including increased reliance on real-time imaging tools during surgery. Our diagnostic experts are experienced with diagnostic imaging mechanics, clinical use and design of various technologies including ultrasound, IVUS, X-Ray, MRI, CT, PET/CT, Spect and various types of spectroscopy, and the use and design of appropriate imaging agents.

Life supporting technologies: While we can keep critically ill patients alive for ever longer periods of time, COVID has shown us how even something so basic as ventilation can pose enormous issues in clinical care. We have experts qualified to opine on the design, manufacture, regulatory pathway and clinical use and maintenance of these critical life-supporting technologies such as medical ventilators, incubators, anesthetic delivery, heart-lung machines, ECMO, dialysis whether in-clinic or in-home, LVADs, and infusion devices to enable delivery of intravenous (IV) medication or fluids to patients in military, hospital, assisted living, or residential settings.

Digital Health: The idea of patients allowing (even encouraging) their personal medical biodata to be monitored (perhaps continuously) COVID has given a strong boost to the world of telehealth, but our pool of medical technology experts includes some with deep expertise in the design and evolving regulations around digital health, including AI. We place experts to advise on the multitude of interactions with technology and device dosing, feedback, therapy, monitoring, and diagnosis. Our experts range from health kiosks technicians to programmers and engineers who can design software and sensors to monitor a wide range of bio signals actively or passively and human data.


Anesthesiology Expert for Product Liability Litigation

Anesthesiology Expert for Product Liability Litigation The need Attorneys defending a major medical device company against a consolidated, multi-district product liability litigation needed several experts [...]

How We Find Your Experts

We succeed at locating knowledgeable experts, thanks in large part to our exacting methodologies and in-house experience. Those conducting our searches include Ph.D. scientists, engineers, lawyers, and professionals with deep experience in the life science startup world. We evaluate the nuances of your requirements regarding your specific case or project and identify those with the credentials to fill them.

The primary criteria we use to select these individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Your stated needs
  • Academic background and certifications
  • Industry experience and professional background
  • Location and travel limitations
  • Experience in legal proceedings
  • Qualifications of the opposition witnesses
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Fees

We are singularly committed to quickly locating the perfect expert for your case. To that end, we work with our clients to determine their timeline, priorities, and flexibility on the above criteria, in addition to considering other potential case-specific screening factors.

When you choose to work with Rubin Anders to identify expert witnesses, you are welcome to interview any of our presented candidates at no charge to you. We will arrange telephone or video calls with the experts at your convenience. 

Once you choose an expert, we handle contract negotiations, billing, and extra paperwork, freeing you to focus on the details of your case. Finally, our service does not end when we locate a witness for you; we are always available to assist should unforeseen issues arise during the course of your matter.

Get in touch today to learn more about our clinical and medical device experts.