Network & Telecommunications

Expert Witnesses and Consultants

The network and telecommunications industry sector makes worldwide communication possible: through the phone and the internet, through wires and wirelessly. Telephone operators, satellite companies, cable companies, and internet service providers have created an infrastructure that allows data to be sent anywhere in the world through words, voice, audio, or video.

In adult memory, the networks and telecommunications sector consisted of a handful of national and regional operators. But over the past few decades, the industry has been rocked by deregulation and recreated by relentless innovation. Now, this sector faces a plethora of new competitors and traditional markets have been totally reimagined.

The category of Networks and Telecommunications is extremely broad, and the educational and professional backgrounds of our expert witnesses in this industry segment are varied. Among other credentials, they may have degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, information technology, or mass communications. Depending upon the subject matter of your litigation, your expert’s experience must be carefully tailored to your specific, often narrow, needs.

Our networks and telecommunications expert witnesses and their knowledge of the enterprises in this sector distinguishes us and gives our clients a valuable and tangible advantage. They may consult or testify on a variety of critical issues involving:

  • Cell phones, cell phone towers, cell site analysis and cell phone tracking
  • Voice processing and voice messaging
  • Semiconductor devices, semiconductor technology and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards such as MPEG
  • Local and Position Systems such as GPS and UTDOA
  • Wireless networking, enterprise mobility and cloud technologies, including WiFi, 3G/4G/5G, LTE, LTE-A, WiMAX, RFID, RTLS, BLE, IoT and M2M
  • Software applications
  • Information security
  • Speech Coding, voice compression, vocoder, Audio Compression, Video Compression, and codec (MPEG, AAC, AMR)
  • Digital communications theory and digital signal processing
  • Virtualization and Thin Client Technologies
  • VoIP and Service-over-IP Technologies
  • Digital subscriber lines (DSL), including xDSL, ADSL, RADSL, VDSL, SDSL, IDSL, and HDSL.

Our experts can apply diverse skills sets to navigate complex, high stakes litigation to protect your intellectual property and represent your client in civil litigation and class actions.

Over the years, we’ve placed patent litigation experts to opine on optical networks and virtual servers, Telecommunications Act experts who can discuss the Federal Communications Commission formula for municipal conduit fees, and valuation experts to testify on the value of copper wire and fiber optic cable regarding a commercial transaction.

In an antitrust case against several telecom companies alleging they used their power to manipulate standards-setting organizations, we identified experts who worked in senior positions within organizations such as the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, which sets mobile broadband standards, to testify on the considerations involved in developing industry standards.

Expertise for Every Need

A sampling of our case studies and expert interviews showcases the breadth and depth of our experts’ proficiency.

How We Find Your Experts

Unlike other companies who search for experts through stale databases, Rubin Anders works in lockstep with our clients to identify the precise expert you seek. Our researchers dig deep into the science or industry elite to identify the proverbial “needle in a haystack” authority you need. At Rubin Anders, the team assigned to your case will include deeply trained scientists, lawyers, and others highly skilled in their job, many with Ph.D.’s. It’s a result of understanding your problem, knowing the right questions to ask, and probing your expectations. And as your case and needs evolve, we proactively anticipate that, too. Even if you are looking for a unique expert, we take professional pride in bringing them to you.

We succeed at locating knowledgeable experts with deep experience in the network and telecommunications arena because we have years of experience, a team of researchers who are themselves often Ph.D. scientists and our exacting search methodologies honed over 20-years in business. You will not find the technical expertise of our research department in any other expert placement firm. Our team and our process is unparalleled for successfully matching your perfect expert.

The primary criteria we use to select these individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic background and certifications
  • Industry experience and professional background
  • Location and travel limitations
  • Experience in legal proceedings, including prior testimony experience
  • Qualifications of the opposition witnesses
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Fees

Our team of Ph.D. and J.D. researchers have years of experience in their disciplines and are consummately poised to identify experts who can fill the niche you need. Whether you’re seeking a cell phone forensics expert witness to validate digital evidence recovered from a mobile device, or a wireless communications expert to testify before the International Trade Commission in a Section 337 investigation regarding cellular communication modules, we have the technical expertise and extensive network to find your perfect expert.