Pharmaceutical Experts

for every specialty.

Pharmaceutical experts span a wide range of disciplines, including pharmacological research and development, drug design and manufacturing, clinical trials, drug effects, and mechanisms (pharmacodynamics), movement and metabolism of drugs (pharmacokinetics), patent validity and infringement and the substantial Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and requirements. In high-stakes situations — such as a patent litigation or bringing a new drug molecule into clinical practice — having the perfect clinical expert on your team can make a world of difference.

Rubin Anders has been providing top pharmaceutical experts to law firms and businesses for over 20 years.  When you work with us, we can put you in touch with the clinical drug expert or consultant who meets the specific requirements for your case or project.  Our knowledge, extensive scientific network, and vetting process can be extremely valuable if you find yourself in a situation that calls for a pharmaceutical authority who has unique specialized knowledge and skills.

Our team of Ph.D. researchers has an impressive track record for locating extraordinary pharmaceutical expert witnesses with singular expertise in numerous key litigations. Whether it’s a drug formulations expert to help defend a patent or an expert in computerized pharmaceutical drug distribution programs, our team has the in-depth technical understanding and extensive network to locate an expert to suit your requirements. Choosing us as your search firm means you have access to our team’s in-depth knowledge of scientific methodologies and our extensive contacts in clinical research and academia.

Our pharmaceutical experts to fill a wide variety of urgent situations. Our experts can help in every stage of the pharmaceutical lifecycle, from drug development, clinical trials, high-stakes patent litigation, and FDA navigation. Areas covered by our team of available experts include:

  • Pharmaceutical Research & Development
  • Pharmaceutical Patent & Patent Infringement Cases
  • FDA Regulations and Registrations
  • Pharmaceutical Liability Claims
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Economics

Experience for Every Need

At Rubin Anders, we are committed to finding the precise clinical expert who will guide you through any situation. Putting your trust in our team is critical because pharmaceutical expertise is a wide-ranging field with numerous sub-specialties. We have placed experts covering a vast range of specialties. A representative sampling of our cases includes:

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How We Can Help You

Our methodology is built on a sound foundation of in-house knowledge. Among those conducting our searches are Ph.D. scientists, chemists, and lawyers. Our experienced professionals dig deeply into the nuances of your requirements, and their networks to identify top specialty experts with the credentials to meet them. Our criteria for evaluating experts include, but are not limited to:

  • Your stated needs
  • Academic background and certifications
  • Research background and clinical experience
  • Industry experience and professional background, and conflicts therein
  • Location and travel limitations
  • Experience in legal proceedings
  • Qualifications of the opposition witnesses
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Fees

We are singularly committed to quickly locating the perfect expert for your case. To that end, we work with our clients to determine their timeline, priorities, and flexibility on the above criteria, in addition to considering other potential case-specific screening factors.

When you choose to work with Rubin Anders to identify expert witnesses, you are welcome to interview any of our presented candidates at no charge to you. We will arrange telephone or video calls with the experts at your convenience. 

Once you choose an expert, we handle contract negotiations, billing, and extra paperwork, freeing you to focus on the details of your case. Finally, our service does not end when we locate a witness for you; we are always available to assist should unforeseen issues arise during the course of your matter.