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For almost 20 years, Rubin Anders has specialized in finding technical consultants and expert witnesses. Our experts help resolve patent litigation and IPR disputes, design-flaw litigation, and consumer class actions. Because our research team is comprised of scientists and attorneys, we are uniquely positioned to understand your needs and identify the experts best positioned to support your success.

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Search. Our PhD and JD researchers leverage our global network of more than 20,000 scientists to reach the expert that best fits your specific needs.
Screen. We rigorously pre-screen candidates to ensure they’re not only credentialed, but also have the qualities needed to succeed as your expert witness.
Support. We handle the expert’s billing and paperwork and ensure everything goes smoothly throughout the project.
There are no costs to review and interview our candidates.

Representative technical expertise

Our clients rely on us to provide expert witnesses across many technical disciplines. In addition, we have relationships with experts who can determine the business impact of these disputes.
Biology & Biotechnology
Chemistry & Chemicals
Cybersecurity & Security Systems
Economics & Accounting
Epidemiology & Infectious Disease
Food & Beverage
Logistics & Supply Chain
Material Sciences
Packaging & Plastics
Telecommunications & Network
Smart TV design expert


Smart TV design expert
for consumer class action

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs against a consumer electronics manufacturer needed an expert in the design of smart TVs to prove their case.


Combustion expert for
product liability

Attorneys representing funeral home owners in their product liability lawsuit against a cremator manufacturer needed a combustion expert to bolster their case.


Glass recycling expert
for Inter Partes Review

Attorneys representing a leading manufacturer of glass containers needed a glass recycling expert to defend against an Inter Partes Review (IPR) on a patent for a technique used to produce recycled green or flint glass from unsorted mixed colored cullet glass.


Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) expert
for false claims suit

Attorneys representing the US government in a False Claims Act suit needed an expert that had experience with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to consult on the materiality of billing practices by a home health agency.

Breathing apparatus expert for patent litigation


Breathing apparatus expert
for patent litigation

An AmLaw 100 firm representing a well-known medical device company needed a testifying expert in respiratory-support equipment to help defend against claims of patent infringement involving a series of patents for components in a CPAP machine.



Materials engineer
for patent litigation

An attorney at an Amlaw 100 firm had an urgent need for a mechanical expert with specific expertise in a particular sporting equipment design to assist with protection of his client’s intellectual property rights.

Plastics, polymers, and packaging


Dr. Robert Kimmel
Plastics, polymers, and packaging

Dr. Kimmel holds multiple materials engineering degrees from M.I.T., has over 30 years of industry experience and over ten years of academic experience.


Dr. Stanley Shanfield
Hardware, semiconductor, and electronics

Dr. Shanfield is the named inventor on numerous patents, the author of dozens of published articles, and the leader of scores of scientists in bringing groundbreaking new technologies from invention through manufacturing.


Dr. Arthur T. Brody
Telecommunications, networking, and multi media

Dr. Brody has over 35 years of experience as a consultant and industry practitioner in networking, telecommunications, computer systems, and multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards such as MPEG.