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Rubin Anders connects corporate clients with technical experts to solve short-term challenges in a wide range of specialties. Clients turn to us when they have difficulty finding specific technical specialists. From chemists, bioscientists, digital and mechanical engineers to flavor experts, our researchers match you with the expert best suited for your needs.

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Search. Our PhD researchers leverage our global network of over 20,000 scientists to reach the expert that best fits your needs.
Screen. We evaluate experts across several criteria to ensure they have both the credentials and the qualities for success.
Support. We handle the expert’s billing and paperwork, and ensure everything is going smoothly throughout the project.

Representative technical expertise

Rubin Anders provides technical expertise across many disciplines. In addition, we have relationships with experts who can determine the business impact of these disputes.
Materials Engineer


Value Analysis/Value Engineering
for cost and part reduction

A leading consumer appliance company needed an expert in Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) to reduce parts and assembly costs of its next generation products.


Lithium-ion battery expert
for design and manufacturing assessment

A leading consumer home appliance company needed an expert in the manufacturing and assembly of their lithium-ion battery packs manufactured in China.


Mass spectrometry expert
for investment evaluation

Partners in a startup needed an expert in mass spectrometry to evaluate a patented new type of gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer for chemical analysis before deciding whether to invest additional resources.


Chemical expert
for product development

A small company that develops electronic products had an immediate need for a chemist familiar with cleaning products and potential chemical interactions among various cleaning products.


Sound expert
for product development

A small consumer product company was looking for a consultant to design and run a study that would evaluate consumer perception as it relates to sound generated from their product.


Mechanical engineer
for product development

A biotech start up needed an expert in strain gauge load cells to assist with product development, starting immediately.

Plastics, polymers, and packaging


Dr. Robert Kimmel
Plastics, polymers, and packaging

Dr. Kimmel holds multiple materials engineering degrees from M.I.T., has over 30 years of industry experience and over ten years of academic experience.


Dr. Stanley Shanfield
Hardware, semiconductor, and electronics

Dr. Shanfield is the named inventor on numerous patents, the author of dozens of published articles, and the leader of scores of scientists in bringing groundbreaking new technologies from invention through manufacturing.


Dr. Arthur T. Brody
Telecommunications, networking, and multi media

Dr. Brody has over 35 years of experience as a consultant and industry practitioner in networking, telecommunications, computer systems, and multimedia technologies including digital video and audio standards such as MPEG.