Glass recycling expert for

Inter Partes Review defense

The need

Attorneys representing a leading manufacturer of glass containers needed a glass recycling expert to defend against an Inter Partes Review (IPR) on a patent for a technique used to produce recycled green or flint glass from unsorted mixed colored cullet glass. This technique was also particularly useful in producing glass containers for products that require protection from light to avoid deterioration.

Our approach

With the specifics of the patented recycling technique in mind, we went to work to find an expert in recycling with specific expertise in glass recycling. From conversations with the client about the nature of the work, we knew that testifying experience was unnecessary.

The expert

We found a highly respected expert with advanced degrees in materials science and engineering, including a Ph.D. with a focus on glasses and ceramics. Besides his academic achievements, he was a prominent and well-respected professor of Materials Science and Engineering with a stint as a department chair. Widely published with over 300 papers and one textbook written, he was a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, which honored him with several awards. Finally, his knowledge and reputation led him to consult with many companies on different glass types.