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for almost 20 years.

Rubin Anders began almost two decades ago when Harvard scientist, Ron Rubin, and Harvard attorney, Richard Anders, were introduced by a mutual friend, Nobel prize winning physicist, Sheldon Glashow. With their shared passion for science, Rubin and Anders saw an opportunity to leverage their knowledge and extensive network to provide technical expertise to law firms and companies to resolve high-stakes issues. Over the years Rubin Anders expanded this formula and has grown their team of PhD scientists and lawyers to identify experts for thousands of successful engagements.
Richard Anders, JD
Founder &
Managing Director
Ron Rubin, PhD
Rubin Anders has always had a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we are proud of the role we play in advancing diverse professionals in the scientific community. We believe that a variety of experiences, skills, and backgrounds enhances our ability to ask essential questions and creatively solve problems. Our commitment is always to provide our clients the best-qualified experts, and these experts come from every country, race, color, gender, LGBTQ and disability status.