Photograph Licensing Expert

for Copyright Infringement

The need

Attorneys representing a photographer in his case against a media company needed an expert in the pricing of licensed photographs to help prove their case for damages. The images in question were acquired by the defendant from an individual who was notorious for licensing photographs without consent from the copyright owners. Given the nature of the case and the extensive damages sought by the plaintiff, the ideal expert would need to be able to opine on the value of the original photographs and the negatives as well as the value of licensing photographs.

Our approach

In discussing the complexities of the case with the client, we understood that the expert would need to be able to explain the difference in value between print and digital images. It would be ideal if the expert had experience in images of notable personalities. Finally, the expert would need to have experience testifying within the last few years and have deposition experience. All of this in mind, we started our search for the ideal expert.

The expert

We found an expert with over 25 years of experience within the media industry including work specialized in the valuation of various forms of media. He had started his own consultancy focused on valuation and expert witness services for the media and entertainment industries. With experience from hundreds of consulting and valuation engagements as well as serving as an expert witness in over 100 cases, he was well-respected in the field. As an expert witness, he had significant experience in both depositions and testimony with great success.