Airport Security Expert

for Method Claim Infringement

The need

Attorneys representing a security company in its patent infringement suit needed an expert in airport security to make their case. The patent in question dealt with a method to move the bins used at x-ray security checkpoints back to the front of the line. As such, the ideal candidate would need to be a highly credentialed academic who had studied airport security and security-line efficiency. The expert would also need to be able to quantify the value of this method as well as have knowledge of the defendant’s procurement protocol.

Our approach

From conversations with the client, we understood that they preferred prior testimony experience, but the expert’s credentials would be more important. Knowing their preferences, we went to work to find the precise fit.

The expert

We found an expert with an M.Sc. in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering who was a Professor of Computer Science at a prestigious university. He was a recognized expert in airport security measures and understood how airport baggage and personal item screening equipment is constructed and how it works. His specialty was quantifying the value of airport screening systems in relation to moving passengers through screening checkpoints. Additionally, he understood the defendant’s procurement policies. Well-published, he had written over 150 papers many of which were on airport security systems. Finally, he had been an expert witness previously having written four expert reports and prepared for one deposition. The case was decided in the plaintiff’s favor with extensive damages awarded.