Biochemistry Expert for

DNA Sequencing Patent Infringement

The need

Attorneys representing a life sciences company in its patent infringement suit against a medical device company needed an expert in biochemistry to help their case. The in-suit patents dealt with a DNA sequencing process developed over 10 years earlier; therefore, the ideal expert would have been practicing at the time the patent was filed.

Our approach

We understood from the clients that the expert was needed to help prepare the preliminary infringement contentions as well as throughout the trial. Trial experience was preferred, but they were open to experts without it. These details in mind, we quickly went to work to find the precise fit.

The expert

We found an expert that had a PhD in Biochemistry from a top institution and over 30 years of experience in the field. He was a Professor in Biochemistry at a top medical school and was the head of a lab that focused on genetic research. Well respected for his work, he had received many awards for his work, served on many advisory and editorial boards, acted as a keynote speaker at high profile conferences and published hundreds of papers on his work. He was also a named inventor on a patent and had prior testimony experience.