Autoimmune disorder research
expert for patent litigation

The need

Attorneys representing a top pharmaceutical company in a Hatch-Waxman litigation had an urgent need for an autoimmune disease research expert to assist with validity and infringement issues. They needed someone who could opine on the efficacy expectations of the patented drug and had specific experience with related animal models in the 1990s.

Our approach

We focused on finding a suitable candidate with clinical trial experience involving autoimmune disorder treatments to address the need for the expert to be able to opine on the efficacy expectation of the specific treatment. Although our attorney client specified a preference for an MD, our experienced researchers felt we should also consider PhD scientists in the search.

The expert

We identified an internationally respected PhD scientist with a significant body of research in autoimmune diseases. He earned his PhD from a top ranked university and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in immunobiology from one of the leading cancer research centers in the world. This expert has extensive research experience with animal models and clinical trials for this autoimmune disorder, including during the required timeframe. In addition, this candidate had established expertise in the field through numerous publications in journals such as Cellular Immunology, Clinical Cancer Research, and Autoimmunity Reviews, and was a named inventor on several related patents. The expert was available immediately, and our client commented they wished they had come across him sooner as he would have been able to help them earlier in the process.