Flavor expert
for patent litigation

The need

Attorneys at a top-ranked AmLaw 100 firm needed a chemistry expert with specific expertise in food science to assist with protection of their client’s intellectual property rights in an International Trade Commission case. They were looking for a validity expert related to a particular flavoring used in food and beverages. Because of the parties involved and the narrow subject area, avoiding conflicts would be difficult.

Our approach

Attorneys were looking for a food science chemist with sweeteners and flavorings experience, who could opine on the difference between the two with regard to a particular composition used as a taste improver and flavor modifier in food and beverage products. We knew it was important to find someone whose expertise went beyond just the chemistry of the composition, given the issues of the case. We focused our search on a food science chemist with a specialty as a flavor and aroma expert.

The expert

We identified a PhD flavor scientist from a top research university with an understanding of the relationship between consumers and flavors/aromas. The expert has over two decades of academic and industry experience researching aroma compounds and flavoring in association with consumer perception. The expert has authored publications in journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society, the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, and the Journal of Chromatography. In addition, the expert has significant experience providing testimony in intellectual property litigation matters.