Healthcare IT expert
for IPR defense

The need

An Amlaw 100 firm needed an expert in healthcare information technology when a large healthcare technology company filed a petition for an inter partes review to challenge the validity of their client’s patent.
The challenge for Rubin Anders was twofold: first, identify an experienced healthcare IT systems expert with specific experience in healthcare database implementation; second, do so within one day so the expert could begin work immediately.

Our approach

We focused our efforts on finding an experienced medical informatics expert in the very short timeframe provided. The expert would need significant experience interfacing medical record systems and databases, and would need to understand the issues associated with integrating legacy and newer systems. Because of the tight deadlines in this matter, someone with prior expert witness experience on patent matters, preferably with IPRs, would be ideal.

The expert

In just one day, we identified an experienced medical data warehouse expert. He holds an advanced degree and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at an Ivy League institution. He is a fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics and has held academic appointments at several prestigious universities. The expert has direct experience designing related database systems and has consulted and presented to others on this subject area. He has authored book chapters, white papers, and conference abstracts. He has expert witness experience on patent matters, including providing testimony, and has worked on several IPRs. Our client was able to leverage the expert’s considerable experience to meet the tight deadline.