Mass spectrometry expert
for investment evaluation

The need

Partners in a startup needed an expert in mass spectrometry. The team was evaluating a patented new type of gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer for chemical analysis before deciding whether to invest additional resources in the project and build a prototype. Essentially, they wanted a reality check. The project had two key deliverables: an evaluation to determine if the invention provided enough improvement upon existing technology to have sufficient market size potential as well as guidance for a path to revenue.

Our approach

From discussions with the client, Rubin Anders Scientific determined that the ideal expert would have an extensive background in mass spectrometry, be a leader in their field from a scientific and business perspective, and be available to complete the project quickly, per request of the client. A member of the Rubin Anders Scientific management team also participated as the project manager.

The expert

Rubin Anders Scientific presented a proven expert who earned his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and founded a successful company specializing in the design, production, and distribution of mass spectrometers following a 15-year career working for large mass spectrometer manufacturers. This experience and his demonstrated knowledge of the technology and market viability of inventions within the space made him ideal for the project. Our expert delivered a timely report offering a comprehensive review of commercial uses for the invention, potential market scope, and a recommendation for the best path to monetization. The client was thrilled with the result and is following the expert’s advice.