Materials engineer
for patent litigation

The need

An attorney at an AmLaw 100 firm had an urgent need for a mechanical expert with specific expertise in a particular sporting equipment design to assist with protection of his client’s intellectual property rights. The expert had to have hands-on industry experience rather than more generally applicable academic expertise.

Our approach

The attorney had expressed reservations about working with an agency due to past experience with a different placement agency in which he was given several poorly matched candidates. We tapped into our previous experience with successfully identifying an expert in this niche area and quickly found an expert who was an excellent fit for our client’s needs.

The expert

The expert has an advanced degree in mechanical engineering with decades of experience designing and analyzing the specified type of sporting equipment. The expert previously worked with several professional athletes and equipment manufacturers to provide technical consulting in this particular sport. In addition, the expert holds several patents related to designs of equipment for this sport and has experience as an expert witness.