Vehicle data recorder expert
for class action

The need

Pursuing a class action against the manufacturer of a popular SUV for an alleged defect that resulted in the loss of steering, attorneys requested an expert who is able to read and analyze data from the “black box.”

Our approach

We concentrated on finding an expert who was not only a technical consultant in the automotive industry, but who was specifically familiar with the manufacturer’s systems. In addition, we needed to locate someone who had forensic investigation skills, as well as extensive trial experience.

The expert

We located an expert who has 30 years of experience as a technical consultant in the automotive industry. He regularly provides consulting and expert witness services in the areas of forensic vehicle failure and technical analysis in product liability matters. The expert is a triple-certified ASE Master Technician in automobile and heavy trucks, and is an ACTAR Certified Accident Reconstructionist. He wrote a book on innovation in event recorders and in addition to his deep knowledge of “black box” technology, he has experience as an expert witness testifying both in deposition and at trial.