Combustion Expert

for Product Liability

The need

Attorneys representing funeral home owners in their product liability lawsuit against a cremator manufacturer needed a combustion expert to bolster their case. The lawsuit alleged that the defendants were negligent in their assembly, installation, and testing of a cremator at a funeral home thus causing an explosion. Ideally, the expert would have extensive experience in cremator design and assembly.

Our approach

Due to the specific malfunction with the cremator in question, attorneys knew it would be beneficial to the case if the expert could determine if the manufacturer of the cremator valves could be at fault for offering a specific type of valve on the market as that was the basis for the defense’s argument.

The expert

We found an expert in combustion who owned his own company which manufactured incinerators for a wide variety of applications including cremation. He impressed the plaintiff attorneys with his ability to effectively dissect the defendant’s argument that the explosion was caused by a valve. His experience and knowledge was determined to be highly relevant for the case.