Forensic Accounting Expert

for Farming Economic Losses

The need

Attorneys representing a group of chicken breeders in their case against an animal health company needed an expert in forensic accounting to validate the financial losses. The suit alleged fraud, negligence and other claims seeking recompense for economic losses stemming from the defendant’s vaccine which did not deliver the promised protection against an incurable virus that can be fatal to chickens or affect the quality of their eggs. As this case involved farming, the ideal expert would have experience in the international agricultural industry.

Our approach

In speaking to the client, we understood that deposition or trial experience would be a huge bonus in an otherwise qualified candidate. This in mind, we began our search for the perfect match.

The expert

We found an expert who was a CPA, Forensic CPA, and a member of the Academy of Court Appointed Special Masters. He was the founder of his own forensic accounting firm and had over 25 years of experience evaluating economic losses due to business interruptions and lost opportunity. Furthermore, he had extensive experience in cases involving agricultural products as well as international experience. Finally, he had been deposed over 60 times and testified over 30 times.