High-speed Packaging Line Expert

for Standard of Care Case

The need

Attorneys representing a wine and spirits company in its case against a manufacturing technology supplier needed an expert in high-speed packaging lines to make their case. The complaint alleged that the defendant failed to deliver its standard of care when it designed and installed faulty high-speed can and bottle packaging lines for the expansion of one of the plaintiff’s breweries. Further to this, the complaint alleged that the defendant had falsely represented its qualifications in the areas of engineering and project management necessary to successfully complete the project thus costing the plaintiff tens of millions of dollars in losses and expenses as they were forced to hire other engineers to fix the defective work. As this case dealt with wine and spirits bottling, the ideal expert would need to have bottling industry experience.

Our approach

From conversations with the clients, we understood that the need for an expert was immediate. As such, we went to work quickly to find the precise fit for the case.

The expert

We found an expert with an extensive education in engineering and business with a BSEE, BSME, and a PhD and MS in mechanical engineering from top universities as well as an MBA. In addition to being a licensed Professional Engineer in several states, he was the Founder and President of his own consulting company with a focus on the design and development of machines and equipment, programming of control systems, and upgrading existing machinery. Furthermore, he had experience in designing various high-speed automation equipment including bottling machinery and had consulted for some of the largest bottlers in the US. Finally, he was well-qualified as an expert witness having testified in over 30 cases. The case moved to settle in the plaintiff’s favor.