Industry Standards Expert

for Telecom Antitrust

The need

Attorneys representing a location data company in its antitrust case against several telecom companies needed an expert in industry standards to bolster their case. The plaintiff alleged that defendants used their power to manipulate standard settings organizations into preventing their positioning technology from being standardized in favor of the defendants’ favored tracking technologies. This act would prevent the plaintiff’s technology from being optimized and adopted for use in 4G networks thus blocking it from commercialization.

Our approach

From conversations with the client, we understood that the ideal expert would need to have the highest possible credentials and have had a senior role within a standard-setting organization from the telecom industry. Deposition and trial experience would be a plus, but not required. Knowing this, we went to work to find the precise expert to meet their needs.

The expert

We found an expert that held a PhD from a prominent university with over 30 years of experience in the telecom industry holding technical and leadership position. Furthermore, he had led a consulting company that specialized in innovation and the standardization of new telecom technologies. Additionally, he had held multiple leadership roles at a well-known standard setting organization with relevance in the telecom industry. He had edited many publications for this organization and received awards for the work he had done on its behalf. Lastly, he served in a leadership role within the computer science department of a top university.