Mechanical engineer for biotech product development

The need

A biotech start up needed a mechanical engineer with expertise in strain gauge load cells to assist with product development. In addition, they needed the expert to start immediately.

Our approach

Since the client was a start up we felt that someone with hands-on design experience would offer the best expertise. Because of the application, experience on a miniature scale with an understanding of environmental effects was important. We focused our search on people with consumer product applications versus industrial application to be in the right size scale.

The expert

We identified an entrepreneur with an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering from a top research university. The expert has significant experience designing custom strain gauges and load cells. In addition, he has experience in both the design and manufacture of various sensors in a wide range of applications, such as consumer products, including experience addressing high accuracy design issues. Besides experience within start up environments, the expert has experience teaching on the topic of sensors, load cells and strain gauges.