Nutritional Supplement Efficacy
Expert for Class Action

The need

Our client needed an expert to investigate whether a key ingredient in a nutritional supplement lived up to the claims on the product label. The supplement advertised that its key ingredient could metabolize carbs, proteins, and fats. To investigate these claims, Rubin Anders was asked to identify a dietary supplement expert who could confirm or dispel the efficacy of the ingredient.

Our approach

We focused on finding someone with expertise in nutritional science and, since this product is used as a bodybuilding supplement, we tried to find someone who had a secondary focus in wellness and fitness. Our attorney client did not request someone with prior expert witness experience but we knew that would be an added bonus for any potential candidate.

The expert

The expert we found has advanced degrees (MS and PhD) in exercise physiology and nutritional science. Additionally, our expert has many years of experience studying the effects of dietary supplements, including specific experience studying the key ingredient in question. In addition, the candidate has many relevant publications supporting expertise in this area and has provided deposition testimony several times for legal matters.