Orthopedics Expert

for Medical Device Liability

The need

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs of a class action lawsuit against a medical device manufacturer needed an expert in orthopedics and, ideally, orthopedic medical device design to present to the expert committee. The expert would need specific experience with the device in question and any shortcomings that could lead to physical harm and any risks of replacing a defective device.

Our approach

Knowing the size of the lawsuit and speaking to the client, we understood that finding the best credentials expert was the priority.

The expert

We found an expert with years of experience in medical device design and research focused on orthopedics. He was a professor in the department of orthopedics at a top university and had an MS and PhD. He had co-authored hundreds of papers on his research and findings related to the subject of orthopedic medical device design as well as the complications and risks associated with devices. In addition, he had experience with the device in question.