Physical sciences expert
for false advertising case

The need

Attorneys at an AmLaw 100 firm defending a skincare company against a false advertising claim suit brought by another company specializing in light – based skin products needed a heat transfer expert to help prepare a rebuttal report. The report was needed to counteract the allegation that the defendant’s hair removal product did not singe hair using heat, thereby removing it, as claimed. According to the plaintiff, due to the thermal conductive properties of hair, there was no way the product could remove hair as described.

Our approach

From the details of the case, it was clear the client needed a well-credentialed expert who was a physicist and an expert in heat transfer. If the expert had experience with thermal conductive properties of hair, it would be a huge bonus. If not, knowledge of heat and heat transfer would suffice as the client had information specific to hair that they could share. The report was due in a matter of weeks, so we went to work to quickly find the perfect fit.

The expert

We found an expert with a B.A. and Ph.D. in Physics from top universities. He had been a Professor of Physics at a prominent university for over 20 years. A recipient of many awards for his research, he was a Fellow of the American Physical Society. In addition to publishing books on physics, he was the author of more than 100 publications in fields related to physics. Beyond his extensive work with professional societies, he had appeared frequently on radio and television shows related to physics and science in general. His vast experience experimenting made him knowledgeable a broad array of the physical sciences as well as some of the life sciences. This allowed him to serve frequently as a consultant and as an expert witness in matters that required a broad understanding of physics and science in general.