Slurry Pump Engineer

for Patent Infringement Case

The need

Attorneys representing an industrial products manufacturer specializing in pumping equipment needed a mechanical engineer with significant knowledge regarding the design and operation of slurry pumps. Such pumps are used primarily in mineral processing, fine primary mill grinding, chemical slurry service, tailings, secondary grinding, in-plant processes, sand and gravel and coal preparation. In light of these details, we sought out experts with extensive industry experience.

Our approach

Based on our conversations with our client, we understood that they needed an expert with significant industry experience and the availability to begin right away. We identified a dozen experts in our network and narrowed down our selection based upon conversations with candidates who were interested in the project and who held the relevant experience.

The expert

The candidate we placed had a nearly 40-year career as a professional engineer with extensive experience in the design and development of pumps. He began his career by receiving a bachelor’s and master’s in mechanical engineering from two prestigious universities and working in the industry during that time. He had strong connections with several engineering societies and had served on the Board of Directors for several institutions throughout his career. In addition, he had co-authored several books on vibration testing and pump design, published over 70 technical papers and held four patents of his own. He had also taught several courses in the subject area in the United States and Europe. A perfect fit for our client.