Solar Panel Expert

for Class Action

The need

Attorneys representing the plaintiffs in a class action brought against a solar electric power solution provider needed an expert in solar panels to strengthen their case. The class action claimed breach of express and implied warranty, fraud, and unfair competition. According to the complaint, a component of the panels failed due to a defect causing extreme heat which melted the electrical connections and rendered the panels useless. It was also alleged that the defendants failed to honor the panels’ warranty by replacing or reimbursing the plaintiffs for the panels and the costs associated with replacing them. The ideal expert would need to be experienced in the design, development, and construction of solar panels.

Our approach

In speaking to the client, we understood that the ideal candidate would be approximately 50 – 60 years old if they were to have the appropriate industry knowledge of the technology. Also, as they expected the defendant to put up an aggressive defense, the expert would need to be battle tested in depositions and trials. This in mind, we went to work to find the best expert for the case.

The expert

We found an expert with a PhD in Semiconductor Physics from a top university who was a professional consultant to the solar industry. A former leader of a solar cell development team at a prominent laboratory, he was thoroughly familiar with the design, functions, and reasons for failure of solar panel systems. Furthermore, he had previously toured the defendant’s manufacturing plant. He had been an expert witness in litigations involving solar panel components and had testified in deposition. The case was settled successfully in the plaintiffs’ favor.