Solar Powered Product Expert

for Patent Infringement Case

The need

Attorneys defending a multinational retailer against a patent infringement suit needed an expert in solar powered products to prove their case. The patent in question covered an umbrella apparatus with a rechargeable electrical power system which powered the umbrella and had a solar energy component that converted solar power to electrical power to recharge the electrical power system.

Our approach

After consulting with the client, we understood that testimony experience was preferred, but secondary to relevant credentials. We went to work to find the best expert for the case.

The expert

We found an expert with over 25 years of experience in lighting design and lighted product engineering who was a consultant and specialized in technical advice on materials, design process and technology for product applications including solar powered devices, LED lighting and electronic consumer products. He had a patent pending for an LED night vision system, had published, and presented many technical papers, and had won a prestigious award for his contributions to LCD backlighting. Finally, he had been an expert witness on nine patent litigations and had prior deposition and testimony experience. The case was eventually dismissed.