Supply chain accountability expert
for fraud class action

The need

Attorneys representing customers of several well-known retailers in a class action suit claiming that the retailers and product manufacturer violated the Textile Fiber Identification Act needed an expert in supply chain management. The suit claimed that the retailers and manufacturer committed fraud, unjust enrichment and other infractions by selling bed sheets labeled as 100% Egyptian cotton at a premium price while the cotton was not verifiably 100% Egyptian in origin. This expert would need to be extremely knowledgeable about accountability of the supply chain as the cotton moved from its point of origin in India to the United States.

Our approach

From conversations with the client, it was apparent that the emphasis for this expert would be experience and credentials. They would primarily need to act as an active consultant during the document dump that would happen in discovery and be an expert witness as the case moved forward. Experience as a testifying witness and knowledge of SAP enterprise resource planning software were both preferred. This information in mind, we went to work to find the perfect fit.

The expert

We found an expert that had 15 years of experience as the executive in charge of supply chain management at the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial textiles. In this role, his responsibilities included sourcing, logistics and operations. After leaving the textile business, he became a leading researcher in Supply Chain Management. He also held undergraduate and graduate degrees in business from top institutions. After attempts by the retailers to have the case dismissed, the judge has ruled that the retailers must face this lawsuit. While he rejected the claim of fraud, he allowed consumers to pursue breach of warranty and negligent misrepresentation. The case was settled out of court.