Technical expert on game controllers
for patent infringement

The need

Attorneys representing a small mobile console gaming company in a patent infringement suit against a well-known video game company needed a technical expert in the hardware aspects of game controllers. The suit alleged that the video game company’s new game controller violated the plaintiff’s patent on a detachable controller. The expert would be a key witness in the case.

Our approach

The client had already interviewed a number of candidates but was challenged in finding a qualified expert in the plaintiff’s price range. Clearly the expert’s fee would be an important factor in this search. Other key requirements were prior deposition experience in an IP matter as well as flexible availability to accommodate the possibility that the case may be on a fast track schedule. With these requirements in mind, we went to work to find the best qualified candidate.

The expert

We found an expert within the plaintiff’s budget and flexible availability with over 30 years’ experience as an engineering consultant which included experience in video game hardware design. He had worked with several prominent video gaming companies to design consoles and controllers, add devices into controllers, advise on the technical aspects of patent and copyright issues and review potentially infringing products. Additionally, he was listed as an inventor on nine patents. Finally, he had been an expert witness on 25 cases, most of which were patent-related. His work in these cases included testifying as well as several depositions.