Dr. Rama Bansil

Expert Witness and Consultant: Gels, Biopolymer Engineering, Polymer Engineering, and Biochemistry


About Dr. Bansil

Dr. Bansil has more than 35 years’ experience as a polymer expert, with publications in the field dating back to 1976. Her most recent research has focused on the molecular structure of gels, the physics of gel formation, diffusion in gels and the kinetics of phase transitions and chemical reactions in gels. She is currently Professor of Physics at Boston University, a post she had held since 1997.

She has served as an expert witness in intellectual properties litigation and is a sought-after consultant.


Areas of Expertise


GELS: Gel Cement, Gel Chemical Reaction, Gel Coat, Gel Dispensing Equipment, Gel Electrophoresis, Gel Formulation, Gel Permeation Chromatography, Gel Rheological Measurement, Gel Viscosity, Gelation, Hydrogel, Index-Matching Gels, Mucin, Mucin Gel, Aerogel, Protein Gelation, Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis, Sol-Gel Coating Material, Sol-Gel Fluoride Glass Synthesis, Sol-Gel Glass, Sol-Gel Processing, Sol-Gel-Produced Ceramic Membrane, Sol-Gel-Produced Ferroelectric Thin Film, Sol-Gel-Produced Solid Electrolyte, Organic/Inorganic Sol-Gel Nanocomposite Material, Triblock Copolymer Gels, Thermoplastic Gel, Polyether Polyol Aqueous Gel

POLYMERS: Polymer Alloy, Polymer Alloying, Polymer Application, Polymer Blend, Polymer Blending, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Coating Material, Polymer Colorant, Polymer Compatibility, Polymer Compounding, Polymer Crosslinking, Polymer Degradation, Polymer Flow, Polymer Gel, Polymer Heat Transfer, Polymer Heating, Polymer Manufacturing Technology Transfer, Polymer Mechanical Property, Polymer Modification, Polymer Processing, Polymer Property, Polymer Recycling, Polymer Rheology, Polymer Science, Polymer Selection, Polymer Sheet, Polymer Sheet Forming, Polymer Structure, Polymer Structure-Property Relationship, Polymer Technology, Polymer Testing, Polymeric Material, High-Performance Polymer, High-Polymer Structure-Property Relationship, Homopolymer, Hydrophilic Polymer, Interpenetrating Polymer Networks, Polymer Physics And Engineering, Polymer Process Monitoring, Biopolymer Engineering, Block Copolymer, Block Copolymer Gel, Amorphous Polymer, Silica Gel, Silicone Gel, Thermoset Polymer Recycling, Pesticide Gel

RHEOLOGY: Mucin Rheology, Fluid Rheology Measurement, Liquid Rheological Measurement, Melt Rheology, Mucus Rheology, Non-Newtonian Fluid Rheology, Thermal Degradation

OPTICS: Optical Fiber, Optical Microscopy, Laser Light Scattering, Light Scattering

RUBBER CHEMISTRY: Rubber Vulcanization, Rubber-Based Paint, Synthetic Latex, Synthetic Latex

ADDITIONAL AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Glycoprotein, Hydrocolloid, Lipids, Lubricant Dispensing, Melt Viscosity, Microcellular Foam, Microporous Ceramic, Molecular Dynamics Simulation, Molecular Exclusion Chromatography, Mucoadhesion, Neutron Scattering, Open-Cell Foam, Particle Sizing, Particle Tracking, Post Consumer Plastic Recycling, Protein Aggregation, Structural Foam, Surfactant, Thermoplastic Foam, Thermoplastic Foam Processing, Water-Based Coating Material, X-Ray Scattering, H. pylori, Liesegang phenomenon, Absorbent Material, Adhesive Material, Colloid Physics, Diffusion In Gels, Dynamic Light Scattering, Engineering Thermoplastic, Fiber Processing, Fluid Flow Measurement, Food Colloids, Food Gelatin, Free Electrophoresis


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