Sheldon Glashow


Sheldon Lee Glashow, Ph.D. is one of the leading scientists of the age. For his work in particle physics, which included characterizing the property of quarks he named.

Areas of Expertise

Clean Energy
Renewable Energy
Green Energy
Nuclear Energy
Remote Sensing
Electromagnetic Devices
Particle Physics
High-Energy Physics
Climate Change
Global Warming
Nuclear Waste
Risk Analysis
Fundamental Science

About Sheldon Glashow

Professor Sheldon Glashow is the University Professor of Science at Boston University and consults throughout the world in technology and science related projects through Rubin/Anders Scientific.

Professor Glashow is a sought-after expert in the field of clean and renewable energy.   He has recently led discussions by top minds worldwide in the review of renewable energy and the possibilities of replacing oil as the world’s principal source of energy.    Such potential replacements include biofuels and solar energy.

He is the author of over 300 research papers and three books and is widely sought as a scientific adviser and explained. He was the science adviser in the Academy Award-winning film Good Will Hunting, and has been an expert witness in several major patent disputes in various  technical  fields.

Commenting on the unique value of expertise applied to the appropriate project, Professor Glashow recalls: “My father the plumber once told me that he had repaired a complex heating system with a single well-placed kick of his foot.”

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