Social & Public Sector

Expert Witnesses and Consultants

The Public Sector, more commonly known as “government,” touches every aspect of our lives. All citizens are affected by laws and public policies enacted by federal, state, and local governments.

The Social Sector is usually defined as non-governmental organizations dealing with social and economic activities carried out for the purposes of benefiting society, primarily funded through charitable donations. Often, they are involved in humanitarian issues, the social sciences, economic justice, and international development work.

Finding the perfect Social or Public Sector expert is critical to the success of your clients in their class action, commercial or intellectual property litigation. Many of our expert witnesses also can serve as consultants or technical experts to help develop public policy or practical solutions in these areas.

In the Public Sector, all levels of governments and public sector organizations are facing huge challenges, from financial crises to political unrest to climate change. Our experts have a deep understanding of these challenges, along with insights into the cultural, social, and political environment of how the public sector works, many of them having had long careers in the government. They are highly qualified to testify on such issues as:

  • Public transit
  • Municipal bond indentures
  • Economic development
  • Emergency management
  • Public records
  • Public sector fiscal issues
  • Law enforcement
  • Public safety
  • Public education policy
  • Prison reform
  • Public utilities

In the Social Sector, there is increasing pressure on charitable and similar organizations to step in where there are governmental gaps. Many of our experts have had long careers in the Social Sector and can testify to, or consult on, a vast number of issues, including:

  • Mental health
  • Churches and religious organizations
  • International development
  • Fraternal organizations
  • Sporting events
  • Climate change
  • Habitat conservation
  • Public art
  • Human Rights
  • Philanthropy
  • Fundraising

Expertise for Every Need

Public Sector experts include economists, credit analysts, city planners, debt underwriters, transportation engineers, environmental engineers, public safety experts, climate scientists and more.

Social Sector experts may include clinical social workers, child welfare specialists, international development experts, health policy analysts, medical billing experts, and mental health experts.

In Public Sector commercial litigation, our expert witnesses have testified on such diverse issues as the legality of an asset purchase agreement for Medicare facilities to the disparate impact of a mandatory physical abilities test on Florida female law enforcement candidates. In a particularly broad financial analysis, we placed a public finance expert witness to testify on whether a $2 million local government budget could be reasonably allocated to provide pay raises and better insurance benefits for the municipality’s teachers. We’ve also placed municipal solid waste consultants and other technical experts to strategize with local governments on creating engineered fuel feed stocks from their waste streams, and otherwise optimizing recycling, diversion, and waste management programs.

In Social Sector litigation, our expert witnesses can opine on whether a charitable foundation’s expenses are reasonable, and the standard of care and due diligence that must be met in foster family agencies in placing foster children. We can place experts who are knowledgeable about the copyrighting of public art, and the tax-exempt status of fraternal organizations.

A sampling of our social and public sector case studies showcases the breadth and depth of our experts’ proficiency.

How We Find Your Experts

For Rubin Anders Scientific, precision matters. It’s our mantra. We don’t waste your time sending experts who “kind of” fit the bill. Our experts are deployed into your project with pinpoint accuracy. We take pride in giving you exactly what you need. It’s what your project deserves.

We succeed at locating knowledgeable experts with deep experience in the Public and Social Sector arenas. We have years of experience in placing experts, and our researchers are themselves highly credentialed (often Ph.D. scientists) who can assess your needs and match them to our exacting methodologies to bring you a successful match.

The primary criteria we use to select these individuals include, but are not limited to:

  • Your stated needs
  • Academic background and certifications
  • Industry experience and professional background
  • Location and travel limitations
  • Experience in legal proceedings
  • Qualifications of the opposition witnesses
  • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Fees

Our team of Ph.D. researchers has a proven track record of identifying experts who can fill the niche you need. Whether you’re seeking a Public Sector property valuation expert witness to testify on the diminution in property value caused by contaminated municipal waste, or a Social Sector expert witness to testify on social work ethics violations in adult residential care, our team has the technical understanding and extensive network to locate the ideal expert to suit your requirements.