Stanley Shanfield
Hardware, semiconductors, and electronics

Expert Witness & Consultant

Expert Witness and Consultant

Dr. Shanfield is the named inventor on numerous patents, the author of dozens of published articles, and the leader of scores of scientists in bringing groundbreaking new technologies from invention through manufacturing. Dr. Shanfield brings to bear his keen mind and incredible experience in all aspects of hardware engineering. For his work on semiconductor research, he has been awarded the University of California Regents Award for Research. Dr. Shanfield also has specialty training in US patent law and has participated as an expert in important patent disputes. He is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at a leading research and development company located in the Boston area.

Hands-on professional experience:

  • Semiconductor Physics and Chemistry
  • Semiconductor Fabrication: Silicon and III-V Materials
  • Semiconductor Device and Integrated Circuit Engineering
  • Semiconductor Equipment: Front and Back End RF Design and Fabrication
  • Digital Design and Fabrication
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing in Silicon and III-V Materials
  • MEMS Design and Fabrication: Electrical, Optical and Sensing Devices
  • Fiber Optic Design and Fabrication
  • Integrated Optics and Electro-Optical Devices Plasma Physics

Specialized training:

  • US Patent Law in Technology
  • Global Positioning Electronics
  • Systems and Components
  • Six Sigma Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • HALT and HAST Reliability Testing Methods
  • Nuclear Engineering for Medical and Industrial Applications
  • Semiconductor Plasma Processing
  • Thin Film Physics and Technology
  • Thermoelectric Materials & Technology
  • Phased Array Radar Engineering
  • Antennas and Electromagnetic Propagation
  • Solid State Optical Devices

He also consults worldwide as an expert witness and independent consultant through Rubin Anders.