Anesthesiology Expert

for Product Liability Litigation

The need

Attorneys defending a major medical device company against a consolidated, multi-district product liability litigation needed several experts to make their case, but the most urgent and pivotal was an expert in anesthesiology. The product was a synthetic mesh that allegedly caused nerve damage in patients that had undergone pelvic floor surgery. As such, the ideal expert would be a well-respected anesthesiologist with a subspecialty in pelvic peripheral pain.

Our approach

From conversations with the clients, we understood that the trial was due to start in a matter of weeks. Additionally, we knew that the requested subspecialty was rare and the client had previously had difficulty finding the right expert. This in mind, we quickly went to work to find the precise fit.

The expert

We found an expert who was a staff anesthesiologist with the Pain Management Center for a top-rated hospital, a staff physician at another prominent cancer institute and a professor of anesthesiology at a top medical school. He had over 20 years of experience treating patients with chronic pelvic pain and one of his clinical specialties was pelvic pain. As such, he had a thorough understanding of peripheral pelvic pain and was a member of the International Pelvic Pain Society. Additionally, before practicing medicine, he was a practicing medical malpractice attorney. Finally, he had been retained as an expert witness in litigations where he had testified.